Zorrilla Abogados
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Zorrilla Abogados
Plaza Tanarah
Av. José Vasconcelos 345-Edificio Tanarah Piso 22 Y 23, Santa Engracia, 66267 San Pedro Garza García, N.L.
Plaza Moll del Valle
Edificio III, Calz. del Valle 400-PH 901, Del Valle, 66220 San Pedro Garza García, N.L.
Central Park
Corporativo 1, Av. Armando Birlain Shaffler 2001-Piso 15A, Centro Sur, 76090 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.
San Luis Potosí
Plaza Covalia
Plaza Covalia Av. Real de Lomas No. 350 Local N° 113, Lomas 4ta Secc, 78216 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.
Mérida City 32
Calle 32, Av. Andrés García Lavín 298, Montebello, 97113 Mérida, Yuc.


Attention to taxes and resources necessary for the correct functioning of the company before the tax authorities.

Comprehensive tax legal service

We provide tax advisory services in relation to the full range of our clients’ activities. These services include the design and implementation of efficient tax structures for the full range of domestic and cross-border transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, capital markets and loans. We have extensive experience in providing consulting and estate planning services to individuals and multinational companies. Our team has deep experience in various industries and sectors, including oil and gas, and infrastructure. We take a business approach, allowing us to provide useful opinions and information written in accordance with international business standards. Likewise, our professional practice is based on absolute compliance with national and international provisions on ethics, good practices and anti-corruption.

Practice areas

At Zorrilla Abogados, we offer strategic tax advisory services adapted to the needs of your company. Trust us to navigate the complex Mexican tributary landscape.
We intervene on your behalf
  • Litigation

    Trust us for solid and strategic legal representation in Mexican courts.

  • Tax procedures

    We simplify tax procedures for you. Our clear and effective approach addresses tax challenges proactively, minimizing risks and optimizing your tax position.

  • PAMAS SAT México

    Learn in detail the implications and requirements of PAMAS. Our team guides you through the processes to ensure compliance and efficiency in your operations.

  • Accounting service

    We offer a comprehensive service that goes beyond the numbers, providing clear financial reports and strategic advice to optimize your operations.

  • Tax defense

    Face tax challenges with confidence. Our tax defense service focuses on protecting your interests, offering strategic solutions for disputes with Mexican tax authorities.

  • International tax structures

    Navigate the complexity of international tax structures with our experience. We develop strategies that maximize benefits and guarantee regulatory compliance.

  • Asset Protection

    Safeguard your assets effectively with our specialized service. From planning to implementation, we help you structure your estate for strong protection.

  • Double tax treaties

    Optimize your tax position internationally. We advise you on double tax treaties to ensure efficient taxation and comply with legal requirements.

Performance fees
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